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Bonjour, Heroes!

"It's time for a new season of the beloved HeroTV and for all new heroes. Which of our new contestants will become the next King of Heroes?"

Welcome to HeroTV--RP! This group is based on Sunrise's currently airing anime, Tiger and Bunny. The group is now up and running; watch us for enrollment dates and more information!

If you wish to join this group, please fill out and submit an application. Please make sure to read all journals regarding the application process. Apologies but this group is no longer accepting members!

Intro :bulletgreen: Rules :bulletgreen: Application and Character Guidelines :bulletgreen: FAQ :bulletgreen: Enrollment Info :bulletgreen: Submission Guidelines :bulletgreen: RP Chatroom :bulletgreen: General Discussion Chatroom
Hello, everybody! It's nearly Halloween! :iconpumkinplz:

Since you guys seemed to enjoy the list of prompts provided last year, I shall do the same thing this year! Whether art or RP, feel free to use these for inspiration and fun! They are all quite open-ended and can be interpreted many ways!

:bulletorange: Jack O' Lantern Bombing: HeroTV has received a bombing threat in a heavily populated residential area! The good news: they know what the bombs are supposed to look like. The bad news: they're supposed to look like jack o'lanterns. And when the wick of the candle inside those hollowed pumpkins burns down, well, the faces carved on them will no longer be the scariest thing about them. There are 13 of them placed in the neighborhood for a chain reaction of explosions, hidden like trees in a forest among the heavily decorated houses with their own plethora of jack-o'-lanterns. Can the Heroes stop the bombing in time?

What will your Hero do? Will s/he try to figure out specifically which jack-o'-lanterns are the bombs, or will s/he just try to get rid of them all? If s/he chooses the latter, will they run into unexpected trouble, like a little kid who's worked hard on carving their jack-o'-lantern and refuses to get rid of it? Use your imagination~

:bulletblack: The Batcave Cave of Bats: A young boy was dared by his older brothers to venture into a dark, dank cave where bats lurk aplenty. It's been hours, but nobody has come out, and the brothers finally broke, their worry driving them to call for Heroes' help. Rescue the lost boy and bring him back home safely!

Yes, there are bats--many, many bats (just try and avoid the guano)-- but what other creatures might lurk in the dark of the cave tunnels? Or is there something odd about the bats themselves? Are they watching you perhaps a little too closely? Is there some NEXT capable of communicating with them, or even controlling them? Or perhaps the worry isn't some living thing-- are the tunnels more fragile than they seem? Could it all cave in? No matter the danger, your Hero must prevail through it all to success!

:bulletorange: The Cursed Treasure: There's no such thing as curses, right? Well, that's what poor Dave Steeport thought when he dug up a rich man's grave, but since then, bad luck has followed him like a bloodhound on a scent trail. Yes, he's turned himself in to the Heroes and yes, he admits to graverobbing-- just please protect him from the alleged curse that's lost him his keys (snatched by a magpie that appeared out of nowhere), his car (crashed into a ditch that he couldn't see till the last second), and oh-- his pants (Are those heart-print boxers?).

Investigate the origins of this supposed 'curse' while shielding Dave Steeport from further humiliation harm. Is it really just bad luck or is there some more sinister cause to this? Or is someone behind it all, perhaps a descendant of the rich man Steeport dug up the grave of? Or someone who holds a grudge against the man for a different reason and was simply waiting for the ripe opportunity?

:bulletblack: Don't Rain on Our Parade: A parade of citizens with the most excellent costumes goes around the streets of the city on artistically decorated floats. One girl, Rosaline Henrickson, is dressed up as a beautiful princess, her dazzling and elaborate outfit complete with many real precious gemstones in its accessories. Thus, her very concerned father has requested that the Heroes send at least one chaperone to fend off any attacks of any kind that might be made on his little Rosie.

Perhaps one of the fellow paraders is jealous of Rosie's costume and wishes to appropriate it for herself (or rip it to shreds?). Maybe someone in the audience approaches the girl, feigning the act of an admirer, and slips off a ring or three whilst bestowing a gentle kiss upon her delicate hand. Or perhaps that's not enough; perhaps there's a crook who wants it all and attempts to kidnap the girl with every last bit of jewelry still on her.

:bulletorange: Would you guys like to have a chat event of some sort that's Halloween-based? Starting off with a prompt like the above ones? (If yes, please also list timezone/what days and times you're available in November.)

I hope you find these enjoyable! :iconteyuplz:
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